Already Out of Time

by Stoop Kids

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Stoop Kids' album "Already Out of Time"


released January 20, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Griffin Dean & Stoop Kids
"Padiddle" - Recorded and Engineered by Ben Lorio at The Music Shed
All songs mixed by Alex Crane and Joe Boston except:
"Padiddle" - Mixed by Steve Panacek and Ben Lorio
Mastered by Alex Crane

Griffin Dean - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Samples
Thomas Eisenhood - Baritone Saxophone, Vocals, Organ
David Paternostro - Keys, Guitar, Sounds
Joe Tontillo - Drums, Percussion, Piano
Patrick DeHoyos - Bass

Joao Amos - Vocals: Velvet Slide
John Culbreth - Trumpet: Tucked In
Sam Fruend - Cello: Cup, Look Around

Music Production/Direction: Griffin Dean & David Paternostro

Artwork Production/Direction - Patrick DeHoyos, Linda Hexter, Thomas Eisenhood, David Paternostro, Griffin Dean


all rights reserved



Stoop Kids New Orleans, Louisiana

Stoop Kids are a psychedelic jukebox: they write and play inside a melting pot of genres, re-imagining the last 75 years of popular music.


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Track Name: 17:35
Now I’m too young to die, not old enough to vote
next year your gonna choke from the cigarette smoke
got a diploma, cap and gown
gonna do your best not to make your dad frown
the next four years is of downin’ beers,
taking off braziers, doing drugs with peers
but it appears that you’re here for an internship
so you can get a “good job” and a house to split
now you’re twenty five, feeling alive
‘jive at a dive after your nine to five’
you got a girlfriend, she may have moved in
she said, “fuck the kitchen, i’m a career woman”
then one night after glasses of wine
you passed the band, you asked the line
you’ve turned thirty two, hate what you do
your marriage ain’t stale, but it sure ain’t new

seventeen to thirty five
heavenly dreams of youth tonight

i used to think i needed
some type of life like that
let my neighbors hear me with a gatsby type of laugh
i could take the cake and slice the pie in half
and no one would ever question why
except for dear old i
the only trouble is with that life
it’s overly-prescribed, very trite
it’s the morphine or the knife before you die

seventeen to thirty five
heavenly dreams of youth tonight
Track Name: Velvet Slide ft. J.O.
Already out of time...but I'm still here though
Sometimes... "What a wierdo"!

My time's up, but I stole the mic
so it's back to the rhymes and resisting the vices
cooking rice cuz I can't break bread without dough
Get quicker, better. No Quicken Loans. Dissolving
Problems like a lozenge in alcohal
if you never look up never see the roof fall in / Rufilin
All the optimists tell me I'm a pessimist
All the pessimists tell me I'm an optimist
All the fake fucks tell me I'm the realist
when it comes to being real I still don't give a shit,
Nut, piss, spit...any kind of entrails
See me with a bad cat, you know the details
If you're burning up, I throw salt when I see snails
Sickening to some how I keep my ends well
when the city ends, well, then I'll set sail
Send a postcard see you in hell. Get well soon.

velvet sky
way up high
down to die

Set sail, came back cuz I felt unwell
unrest upset unsexed unhealthy
as fuck and the drugs the doctor ordered ain't helping
I popped a pill and the sky turned velvet
Hell or high water what if hell and high water
bloodrain fell cats and dogs that are bipolar
picture to help you figure why my city high as ayatollah
and below the sea level, we keep sinking lower
Right now, I'm at the bottom of a glass
Want to see a fee shake like the bottom of a stash (*weed bag, not mustache*)
Want to see the freeze frame in the moment so it lasts
But alas, I'm looking in my wallet and it laughs
I sigh "wise guy" I gotta get it together
Water on my face while I'm looking in the mirror
Fire in my eyes and it couldn't be clearer
Dirty life I'm living and I'm loving every minute of it

Track Name: Tucked In
i’m tucked in at parties
or should i say white tie events
these straps around my shoulders
keep my pants in suspense

my shirts tucked in

well my shirt was tucked in to my umbilical cord
as i popped out, melodies and the magical chords
into a quarter inch chord through my epiphone strap
micro korg, harmonies and an 808 clap
used to rap when I was younger in the back of the ford
wearing clothes i can afford, looking good as tom ford
fakin the makin or pickin’ the chicken so take in the tuckin’ in style
look in the mirror every once and a while

my shirt’s tucked in
Track Name: Padiddle
let’s play some cards
let’s pass the time we won’t get far
when it gets dark
we can be superstars

well baby it’s about tonight with your people
baby just soul ride, don’t need a needle
baby just ride around, play padiddle
living in the moment, life is simple

cause i’m the doo hop skotcher
i got more swing than the rocker
i cook up emcees faster than a betty crocker
made more harmonies than hammerstein and rogers
can’t you see i’m more vintage than the brooklyn dodgers
and if you really want to boogie tonight
we can try to dougie, but the dougie ain’t right
so you try the twist, the twist feels right
the mashed potato, we can dance all night
i’m bringing it back for an encore
i’m drinking more wine than in concord
hip hop wasn’t made for the pimp and whore
and doo hop wasn’t made for the corner store
i’m bringing them together like the horse and the leather
by bringing something better you can be the trend-setter
i hope you take notes, grab your ink and your feather
two birds getting stoned, first time together

well baby it’s about tonight with your people
baby just soul ride, don’t need a needle
baby just ride around, play padiddle
living in the moment, life is simple

baby i got to go
i got to go
Track Name: Cup
i should read more poetry
and i should read more novels
and if i did would you believe
i was aristotle?
i’m platonic for you
cause i was start to smarten up
and pour my thoughts into a cup
and just to feel you make a sound
i would start to drink it down
but i don’t read too much

it took me by surprise
the first time i could realize
that if i dripped one more drop
instantly my heart would stop

all i wanna do it call
hear you laugh, now baby that’s all
cozy up and watch tv
maybe if i’m lucky, a cup of tea
i know it’s against the rules
calling you would be too cruel
if you’re the jester then i’m the fool
baby i’ll see you when we’re done with school
and seven years from saturday
we’ll have lunch down at the frisco bay
maybe we’ll get married and maybe we’ll not
but it doesn’t really matter cause we gave it a shot
we’ll have beautiful kids with messy bibs
you can be the bread winner, i’ll bread the ribs
everyone will be happy
i, for one, will be happy

on the tip of your lips
i wish i could taste it
right now
i should read more poetry
i should read more novels
to fix my heart
Track Name: Happy Birthday
i forgot your fucking birthday two years in a row
the first time it happened, didn’t want to watch porn alone
we were in different zip codes, called your cellular phone
you were sipping patron with candles already blown
of course you were pissed, shouted out “what the fuck is this?”
“it’s my birthday bitch, don’t be calling me horny and stupid”
shoulda dumped me then, signed me up for ok cupid
i don’t why but you kept me on the line to my surprise
and then that second time, we’d already broken up
shows how much i’d already fucked up
scrolling on my newsfeed, when all of a sudden you popped up
and your friends i’d seen when i visited you for a week,
showered your profile with keyboard smiles,
“i love you”s, and “haven’t seen you in a while”s
and a wave of denial hit, like a pile of bricks
all i could do was sit in a pool of my own bullshit
and all the lies i had equipped for a moment just like this
they weren’t of any help as I felt guilt settle into myself
we talked about love, we talked about divinity
if i could talk to you now, it’d be to get rid of me

i’m sorry
i can’t love you anymore
i said i’m sorry
i can’t love you anymore

i’ve written a thousand verses, I’ve slung a thousand curses
all of them sound like the same sermon at the same churches
same flow, same rhyme scheme, same ending line
same beginning and same subject every time
it’s a crime the way i design what’s mine
i make identical mistakes, never learn after the ninth fucking time
i make promises after i get high, i’ll never smoke again
and then two hours later, shrug it off, say, “i’ll just smoke with friends”
i’m a piece of shit, how the hell did you put up with it?
i made you feel ugly and ashamed yet said i was the victim to the game
looks like i’ve opened the same fucking vein
i hope i die in vain and that you forget my name
cause I’d say you’re beautiful, you’re so mesmerizing
but i need a trophy wife so this isn’t good timing
i’d say you’re perfect, and yes, you’re the only one
but i need to fuck a girl or two before i can put the ring on
and over and over, and on and on til everyone i’ve ever loved is gone
and all i have are my shitty songs
when compared to my vices, i’m just a witty pawn
so on this february 3rd, i’ll wish you a happy birthday
and i’ll be gone

i’m sorry
i can’t love you anymore
i said i’m sorry
i can’t love you anymore

now baby, don’t be sad
i can’t love you
i won’t love you
i don’t love you
Track Name: Look Around
i am a grand old wave
rippling off to sea
pieces of a puzzle
fitted just for me
but the people will always try
to disassemble your whole life
so i dot my “t”s and i cross my “i”s
just to dignify my rebel pride

if i

all my thoughts are a choice
all my feelings are employed
it’s a blue abyss
i cannot see but i can exist

look around

if you’re not, do not be
if it is, go to me
if it’s not, do not be
if i am, look at the me

look around

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